When Life Feels Overwhelming

I do not need to explain why emotional overwhelm has been at an all-time high lately. The news is terrifying, yet I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of it. I’m worried about every person that I care about, yet I can’t do anything to protect them. I planned to write about overwhelm even before the coronavirus outbreak, but I’m honestly glad that I waited because it’s more relevant now than ever. We’ve all been there. There are a couple of ways to deal with overwhelm: make it worse, or you can make it easier.

There have been many times I have wanted to focus on things that were important to me but could never sit down and start them because of other obligations. I am personally guilty of trying to multitask everything, all of the time. I start one task, and become distracted by another, and then have an idea that I think is so brilliant that I have to start immediately, until my list is 20 tasks long and I don’t know where to start. When I become that overwhelmed, I start to feel really guilty. I beat myself up more than anyone else ever could. Maybe you can relate to this, or maybe you’ve been so used to balancing a million things at once that not having as many obligations during this time of isolation also makes you feel overwhelmed.

You can almost feel the confidence getting sucked out of you. You lose excitement for everything. You need to feel good about yourself and the things you’re doing in order to enjoy it. At that point you’re just checking off as much of your list as quickly as you can, and you’re in so deep that at the end of the day, it still doesn’t feel like you did enough. So what’s the point? You feel defeated.

It is ridiculously harder to pick yourself up from that than to just focus on why that feeling is there and deciding what to do about it. There is always going to be a lot going on. Life is always going to be hectic, but everything does not usually need to be dealt with right now, all at once. All that is happening, is what is right there in front of you. For example, you’re reading my blog, so all of the things that you’re worrying about are not demanding your attention, and if they are, there’s the best place to start. The minute these things make you feel negative or pessimistic, you feel out of control. It’s easy to see one thing lead to another until you’re in a black hole of bad things that could happen. Then you find yourself procrastinating and creating bad habits for comfort.

So bringing it back, what are we supposed to do about it?

I recommend having something that you’re passionate about, aside from work. It doesn’t take your problem away, but it can give you some release when everything else feels like too much. You cannot do everything in a day, and you likely don’t have to do all of it, at all. So do that first. Figure out what needs to get done and what are just thoughts spiralling in your head. Then, keep in mind what is realistic for you to do in a day, and actually PLAN when to get them done. Change your routines if you have to (which is a good idea anyways, but that’s a topic for another day) so that you don’t get too comfortable. Prioritize one chunk of things to do and get those done one at a time. Give yourself a sense of control.

I know that feeling overwhelmed is never easy. Sometimes you need to just feel the feelings before you can get going again. Pushing through isn’t always the answer, but there are ways to make them more bearable. I know there are a range of feelings in the world right now, do not make yourself feel bad for however you’re adjusting to this change. What we were facing is unlike anything we’ve lived through, so it is normal to feel confused by it all. The news and social media are very intense right now, try not to become absorbed in them. Don’t be so hard on yourself, just like you are scared and on edge, so is everyone else. Ask your people how they’re feeling. Try to send positivity where you can and just be kind.

Thanks for reading ☀️

33 thoughts on “When Life Feels Overwhelming

  1. Great post!! I can definitely relate, and I’m so use to being overwhelmed with daily tasks that I am FINDING things to overwhelm myself with to distract myself. It has been nice to catch up with life a little bit, but I really need to be more reasonable. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Keeping the new routine is what keeps me going. I also signed up for Five online classes. the need to concentrate and do the homework helps me focus on something other than the train wreck, and I feel productive. Still there are days…

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  3. Sounds like we might be twins,,, much the same of what I’ve been experiencing and feeling,,, thanks so much for sharing!


  4. Life in 2020, a year of seeing clearly, certainly has thrown us a huge curve ball. It can be overwhelming and uncomfortable to say the least. I enjoyed reading your post and found what you had to say about these days we’re in encouraging and insightful. Keep up the good blogging. Best, TDG


  5. The cases are increasing where we are in CA, so it feels terrifying and I hope to survive. Really hope all goes well where you are, very inspired by reading you, please stay safe.


  6. I learned a valuable life tool, which is to flip the script! Yes, there’s a lot of negative messages coming at us right now, but if we flip the script to focus on the positives, we can switch from feeling anxious to feeling calm!

    96.6% of people will experience mild to no symptoms! Staying inside and wearing homemade masks when we go out isn’t punishment but a huge collective worldwide act of love for each of our family and community members who are in the group of people who are at risk! See?!

    Seeing the positives helps our own immune systems too!!

    Let’s all focus on and share the positives! We can do this!

    Peace, Tamara

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  7. I’m rereading your post today and realize those overwhelming feelings are more common for us all these days,,, an unprecedented situation we all are facing in our own ways, doing the best we can to deal with it. I myself awaken in fear each day here of late and wait for that feeling to pass as the sun rises and sets,,, those feelings to shall pass.


  8. Defining Yellow you are right about having great ideas and exciting plans that slowly turn into an overwhelming burden – that can take away the fun of your creativity. That happens to me and suddenly there are 15 unfinished projects. It shows that you are very smart and you have great ideas and curiosity. Begin at the beginning and rejoice in those things that you finish and let go of the shame of not being perfect. None of us is perfect.


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  10. Realising that there are two lives our outer/soul life and our inner/spirit/heart life and that the thoughts we have are not our own, we are not responsible for them but we are responsible for the ones we keep.
    This world and the busyness of it, its schemes designed to keep us from hearing the Fathers voice whose words are living and active sharper than a two edged sword and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and narrow and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the HEART.
    The noise designed to keep us from hearing and connecting to the guardian of our SOULS.


  11. Well said. I totally agree with you. I love the part that talks about doing something you’re passionate about. This in particular has helped during my moments of overwhelm. I also.include workouts, DIYs and some beauty hacks to my routine. Thanks for this…..

    Oderowho Precious


  12. That was me in the beginning and now I’m slowly focusing on home based projects I haven’t focused on or put more attention to. Shifting the perspective is our best approach and to be patient with ourselves in the process as well. Stay safe and well ❤️


  13. I’ve felt overwhelmed always having something on my mind, something that needs doing. So I bought a note book, now whenever there is something that needs doing I record it in the book to do, then I can forget it and stop worrying.


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  15. I feel overwhelmed so much of the time. For me the question is always what is enough? There is always another chapter to read (or write) another thing that needs cleaning. And I don’t know how to say to myself: ‘You have done enough. You can stop.’


  16. I think we procrastinate when we feel difficult feelings such as feeling overwhelmed. I kinda fool the brain by setting a routine but not thinking too much about it.


  17. Great post and so true. The title of this post caught my eye and I decided that it was more important to read it than anything else on my list. It’s about being in the moment and focusing on what’s in front of you. Back to my list (but in a prioritised way) 😊…


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