Hitting Reset

We all need to at one point or another, and I don’t mean deciding to stay in your room all day watching Netflix. I mean when you take a good look at yourself and the way you spend your time and thoughts, and resetting your priorities. 

When you’re going through the motions each day and checking off your to do list, it becomes easy to overlook when you’ve added things to that list that aren’t actually benefitting you. This might be making plans that you know you shouldn’t be making, complaining about things that do not effect you, and grumbling over your job or boss or how no one understands you. You eventually permit these things take over your life and impact you without you even noticing. So when I say we all need to reset, I mean to look at those things. 

Think about the person you believe that you are and the person that you’re presenting yourself as. Are you surrounding yourself with people that are reflecting the same image? I have known too many situations where people believe that the people they are around don’t change who they are. Remember these are the people that you may now be complaining and grumbling with. Notice when you feel like you can not be genuine with people, you will end up using your energy pretending to be someone youre not and that doesn’t help anyone. Surrounding yourself with people who you constantly have to tell only what they want to hear, keeps them in their same habits. If you pretend long enough, you only end up losing yourself. 

Keep in mind the things you have had to let go to get to where you are now. This also includes people you call friends that you dont genuinely want to be around, situations that leave you exhausted and frustrated, holding resentment to things you can’t change, and even following things on social media that make you hate yourself. This isn’t a one time only thing, there are constantly going to be things trying to invade your life and if you are not constantly aware of it, other things are going to fill its space. 

When you get so deep into letting life take you over, you become constantly on defense. The world doesn’t “owe” you anything and people are (likely) not actually against you, but they are just for themselves. Putting your emotions to the side and viewing things objectively does help to shine light on what will be the bigger picture. Everything is temporary. However you’re feeling, whatever is going on in your life, whatever you are excited or worried about, it will all pass, this goes for the good things too. Keep that in mind. 

Reset your priorities, take a good look at the person youre presenting yourself as and decide if thats the person that you imagine yourself as. 

If you’ve noticed that you’ve become a more upset or angry person, the problem is you. I know it sounds harsh, but you are the only thing you can control. You can’t change anything or anyone else, so you have to change what you can control. What you allow or remove from your life is the only thing we have control over, so rather than getting upset because that may have sounded harsh, take advantage of it. 

I know that the title of this might have led you to believe that this was going to be about relaxation or self care, but I hope that this is what you needed to hear and will benefit you even more in the long run. 

Thanks for reading ☀️

41 thoughts on “Hitting Reset

  1. Wow I really needed to hear this. You are truly inspirational & so genuine. I’m so proud of you and the things you put out to the world. 🤍


    1. You can read my “purpose” for more in-depth but basically, yellow is the color of happiness, so defining yellow just means finding whatever that happiness is for you. I have kind of changed my own personal perspective of the name and think of it as finding or “defining” whatever it is youre looking for. I hope that helped!

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  2. So true. It’s little details in life that can escalate out of control if you don’t monitor and take action on them. Every little thing is important from what you are consuming on Facebook to what kind of friends you have in your life. Good read!

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  3. This is a great post and I really like the way your title suggested it was going to be about self care – but it turned out to be much deeper than that. I think the idea of resetting is a great one. After all we do it all the time to our computers when programmes don’t seem to be running as they should – maybe a re-start/re-view is needed more often than we think and like you say – its our responsibility to do that.


  4. Great post. A couple wisdoms I keep close regarding self care are “Nothing is external” and “Events follow energy”. When I say self care I am referring to my mind care. My mind care routine and practices, which I follow as one would a cardio or fitness regimen. Too much more to say in a comment. So for now I’ll leave with I am grateful to read the post. Thanks!


  5. I am very grateful for the opportunity to read all this from you. It does make sense of me. Maybe you too also. I do love the character of Teenage mutant Ninja turtle, Raphael. In his dilemma is his “anger”. Yet he does channel it on his own violent reactions. After everything diminishes, what the others see in him is his love not for the sake of himself but to the cause of the totality of “Turtle’s” effect on and off the mission. Basically we can use what anger is and it is not, and be devoid of it’s intent but not causing our own content of it.


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  7. Oh, Thank You, Kourtney!! Such a Super inspiring and motivational post! I LOVED it!! We all need to review and re-evaluate at least monthly. Can’t wait to share this with followers!! Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!
    xoxoxo 😁💖🌹


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