The Difference In The Way Life Turns Out

How are we to know what our future is going to look like? I mean you can do all the “right” things and still never “make it”, and you see other people do the “right” things and they get everything they ever dreamed of, so whats the difference? 

Granted, I clearly have not done anything yet, but I still believe I have some things to say. The difference is how you look at your life. You’re not going to make it unless you put in the effort, and you’re not going to put in the effort if you’re continuously doubting yourself. Being self conscious about what you’re doing is what’s going to keep you exactly where you are right now because you’re scared of moving forward.

The difference is how much you honestly believe in yourself. Like ACTUALLY believe in yourself and not just say that you do. You have to care about it enough to tell yourself you have what it takes and will do whatever it takes. If you start doubting it, even just a little bit, then you’re already not going to do your best and eventually wonder if there’s even a point in trying. You’ll start slacking and eventually you’ll stop caring. You’ll come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter if you put everything into something or if you half ass everything because it all ends up the same. And that’s a dangerous way to think because you’ve already accepted failure. Maybe you don’t have what it takes then. 

Stop the mentality that its a bad thing to be confident about what you’re doing. It’s okay to let it be known that you know what you’re doing. It’s important to be confident and feel secure when you’re passionate about something. You are not going to be the best just by saying you want to be, and you don’t have to be the best to still be great. So you have to just do it. Stop shrinking yourself. Stop thinking that everyone else is better than you. 

You make the difference in the way your life turns out. If you keep comparing yourself to the people around you, you’re never going to be happy. There’s always going to be people who look like they’re working and doing so much better than you. But that doesn’t have any impact on your success. You should be proud of yourself for everything you’ve accomplished so far and you should be confident that you’ll do more in the future.

You might think preparing for the worst and protecting yourself from being hurt if you fail is a good thing, but thats not always the case. It can convince you to give up before you try or to stop trying all together. It’s convincing you not to care.

The difference in the way your life turns out is whether you allow yourself to be optimistic, whether you stop beating yourself up, and whether you genuinely care about what you’re doing. 

We all have what it takes. We can achieve literally anything we want to, maybe the problem is that you haven’t realized that yet. 

Thanks for reading ☀️☀️☀️ 

30 thoughts on “The Difference In The Way Life Turns Out

  1. Self esteem, and knowing yourself. I often say that we were us before we were hurt, we’re us while we’re hurting, and we will be better than us when we’re healed, and although circumstances as you rightly say are different for all of us, if we can hold onto these three things and never give up as you say, the light will always be at the end of the tunnel. Your numerical age doesn’t matter, you are mature.

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  2. This is very well written. But life happens while we are planning our future and there is nothing we can do about it, but allow life to carry us along for a time or a season, until the tide turns and we are able to stand again.

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  3. Yeah many of us do have a habit of talking ourselves out of greatness because we fear we might fell.Your right in saying just go for it. Nice post

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  4. I love this! Beautifully written. The majority of people put too much into that fail safe to catch them when they fall. To become successful, you must take the rocky road, the scary road and learn as you go.

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  5. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is really impactful and I’m sure it will bless many. I particularly like this line from your write up “It’s important to be confident and feel secure when you’re passionate about something”. Be blessed

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  6. Thank you so much for this. As always, your blog posts seem to come at just the right time for me and what I’m going through. I feel like I found your blog for a reason and I’m glad for the way you encourage people.

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  7. Lots of what you have written is very inspiring. I hope you always maintain your very positive outlook. I think that the difference in the way life turns out is determined by:

    a) where you are born b) the sex you are allocated at birth c) parental influences
    d) number of siblings e) quality of education f) opportunities presented g) social circle
    If you can retain a positive attitude throughout life’s adversities – that has to be success!


  8. Very well written and inspirational. When you wholeheartedly walk in God’s purpose, know He will protect His purpose even when you think He will not. Some moments you may feel you are walking blindly, unable to see where you are going. However, it is not for you to see—it is for you to know. Faith is the precursor to revelation, which becomes your compass to the true purposes of God. Allow God to give you the revelation of your abilities by being obedient. This obedience will allow you to witness the manifestation of revelation through His supernatural power. Supplanting all logical explanatives. The anointing of blessings rests on obedience. (John 14:21) For it releases God’s best in every area of your life. Blessings and peace.


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