Getting Over Imposter Syndrome

I’ve been sitting on this post for well over a week now because I wasn’t sure if I could really know enough yet to be writing about it. Especially because I haven’t accomplished much yet and probably I wouldn’t call myself a real writer yet, but then I realized… thats exactly what this is so here it goes. 

Have you ever felt almost wrong for doing something because you felt you’re not qualified for it? You think, “who am I really to be telling people this?” and ended up throwing everything out because you felt like people would have some opinion or think you have no idea what you’re talking about. Sometimes I think like that when I write, I think about all of the others out there who are smarter and more relatable and have been blogging so much longer than I have, so why would people listen to what I have to say? I have to catch myself. So this post is for people who are feeling like I did, and how I still feel fairly often to be completely honest. This is for when you feel like you’re not good enough because you just started, or since you enjoy this thing you do, it’s not right to make it your life. This post is for when you just overall feel like a fake or a fraud for going after something. 

So many people keep from doing something they want because they think it’s for “other people”, I know because I’ve heard people say it. I get it, I know the feeling. But it’s actually ridiculous, who are other people? Who is anyone to do anything honestly? Every single person starts as nobody trying to be somebody. If you’re putting work and value into something and taking it seriously, then you’re literally doing it. You are not here to make everyone happy and that includes your friends and family. Don’t give yourself enough time to care, apologize, or explain to people who don’t support or even care to understand you. Those are the ones that shouldn’t be doing it and this is not for them. If you’re doing it, you’re meant to be and you should be, thats it. Don’t overthink it. 

You have to stop waiting for something to say you should and just start, whether it’s the beginning of your project or a new idea you have for it. Your plan isn’t going to be done or perfect right away and it doesn’t have to be. That doesn’t mean it won’t get there. Focus on doing what you can at the stage you’re at rather than worrying about what you can’t do yet. I often would find myself stuck in my head thinking that people won’t take me seriously because I’m young, what do I know? But I recently have been trying to move past that because well, for one you guys have proven me wrong, and also I can use it to my advantage. I know that I’ll fail sometimes, definitely. So I try to prepare for it, not by expecting to fail, but preparing so that when I do I’ll know what to do rather than quitting forever. 

I really don’t think imposter syndrome ever goes away. I think even the most successful people probably have times that they question something about themselves, even if it’s only for a second. If you have a gift and you know it then why would you not do it? We always think everyone is judging and talking about everything we do or say and honestly most probably don’t even care. At all. We just have to learn to get over ourselves, to put it bluntly. It’s not really about us. You don’t have to prove anything or convince anyone of anything, work and do what you have to do and the outcome will be more than enough. Ask questions because the “fake it till you make it” mentality is not giving you the answer. You don’t have to know everything right away, if you did you would never start. And while you’re waiting, someone else is exactly where you are, figuring it out. I personally have always hated asking for help when it comes to anything in my life. I like to think I can just figure everything out and I only hurt myself by doing that. We’ll never be too good to learn or ask questions, and we’re never undeserving for any amount of space we want in our life. There will always be someone older, wiser, funnier, more figured out or whatever it may be but as long as you keep pushing yourself the spot is yours. 

Thanks for reading ☀☀☀


11 thoughts on “Getting Over Imposter Syndrome

  1. This makes me smile. I used to be a Strategic Planner in an Ad agency. I went on a course in London on how to write a creative brief. One of the girls on the course expressed perfectly what it felt like to be a Strategic Planner. There you are, in a planning meeting, and eventually everyone looks at you and someone asks “who are our core audience and what is the big idea we need to communicate?”. Yes you have done all the research. Yes you know the answers. But with so many eyes looking at you there is always that moment when you feel like an imposter. Then you speak, they all listen, and wonder of wonders they just nod and accept the Gospel according to………!

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  2. Great Post and Blog. I’m being serious here, with age comes wisdom, I’ve learned a great deal and I share it freely. I do so because I’m right, If unsure, I say nada. Jim, thanks for visiting my site.

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  3. I recently read The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newman, and he gives an interesting perspective on Imposter Syndrome. He says the Imposter is an imaginary person who takes credit for the good things you achieve, leaving you convinced all your mistakes are the real you. In reality, those good things are glimpses of the person you were created to be, and when you’re in tune with who you are and Whose you are, the Imposter might actually shut up.

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  4. Made me think of something Victor Frankle said about success…that you do what you love for its own sake because it feels right and success will follow, whereas if you work the sake of success, you won’t find it.
    Keep doing an awesome job being yourself,with passion! No one else can be a better you.


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