Goodbye 2018 and Resolutions

Now that 2018 has come to an end and many people start to talk about their new years resolutions I thought this would be a good time to write my thoughts on it. On one hand, new years resolutions are great because they force you to reflect on the past year and decide what you want to get done in the new year. On the other hand though, when creating resolutions for the new year many people create goals that are so unrealistic for one single year or are made up just for the idea of having some resolution that does absolutely nothing for them. The problem is that you’ve been waiting however many months until January 1st to start making the changes you want to make. So if you mess up mid January you drop the whole thing and wait until another good starting point. There’s never going to be a perfect time for everything, including the new year. I love the idea of looking at where you were this time last year and where you are now to track your progress, but don’t rely only on the fact that it’s the new year to make changes happen.

If you are someone who does well with setting new years resolutions, then maybe now is your fresh start. You can leave whatever it was that held you back in 2018 behind and start new. If 2018 wasn’t your year, go into this one with an open mind. If New Years resolutions are your thing, keep in mind that making a mistake or getting off track doesn’t mean that you failed your resolutions or that you shouldn’t get yourself back on track and keep going. Whether it’s your resolution or you just have been waiting for the right time to get started with something, now is as good of a day as any, you are just as capable today as you are on January 1st. What I am doing instead, and what I highly recommend for anyone reading, is thinking about what I want the year to look like for myself. I’m thinking about what I want to do and an overall idea of what I want to accomplish over the next year, with no unrealistic extremes and keeping in mind that some of those things might change. You are not the same person you were at the beginning of 2018, and you probably wont be the same person a year from now, so instead of limiting yourself to becoming a certain person by the end of the year, commit to continuing to grow. We are always changing our minds about things, so let your goals adjust throughout the year, let them expand and keep growing. Don’t necessarily commit to being something, commit to being better. Understand that just like every year there is going to be ups and downs and surprises and breakthroughs. Think about the progress you’d make by setting goals everyday, not just on January 1st. Work hard everyday, commit to growing, not just your resolutions. 

Now I’m feeling repetitive but we should all always just decide to be better every day always. On January 1st of 2018 I would have never predicted that I would be in the mental mindset that I’m in right now, and I’m so glad that I didn’t set any resolutions and let myself figure things out. If you’re reading this right away or months from now, you don’t have to wait for January 1st when theres literally 364 other days that are just as good to move forward and make your life and yourself better.

In 2018 I learned how to become more independent, I learned how to better understand what is good for me and what isn’t, I learned how to open myself up to new things and also how to close off things that are no longer helping me. Somewhere throughout the year I started feeling stronger, more inspired, more confident, and began to understand a lot more of what I want out of life. There were surprises in 2018 just as there will be in 2019 and I’m ready to make the best out of myself and whatever else the next year throws at me.  

As always thanks for reading!  ☀ ☀ 

Also, I collaborated with Audrey on her most recent post, “18 things we learned in 2018”, you can read that here and definitely check out her other posts! 

I have a ton of ideas of different types of posts I want to start sharing, but I also want to know what you guys want to see so definitely leave a comment and let me know what you want to see from me this year!

22 thoughts on “Goodbye 2018 and Resolutions

  1. I reviewed last year’s resolutions but didn’t accomplish any of them. I, however, did write out five new ones for 2019 and I think they’re fairly realistic. I figure if I have a target to aim at, at least I’ll be aiming in the right direction. Happy New Year.

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  2. I’ve got a theme, a word for the year, rather than a specific resolution. I set my goals on my birthday so that my birthday is my new year…literally it’s a new year! Hahahaaa
    I’ve just always found it makes “resolutions” easier to keep.

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  3. Every day is a good day to start. I like that. Definitely agree that Jan 1 is just a day! My resolutions aren’t starting until I get back from Christmas holidays! More important than making plans is sticking to them. Consistency like anything else is key. I feel like having an entire year entitles people to be lazy for 11 months of that year lol

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  4. Good post! I have been tracking some of the same things as you for the last couple of years, and through experience and by reading other people I’ve learned that the goal isn’t really the thing to strive for. The process of chipping away is the real challenge. James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, is a great read in this area. Have a great 2019. I’ll be following!

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  5. “. . . commit to continuing to grow.” Hear, hear!
    Ah! DY, you have nothing left to learn, you are so wise already! Good luck with the doing of what you already know is required, and what you truly aim to bring into being. 🙂 //mm

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  6. This New Year, we probably need to think, reflect and feel. Amidst the chaos that we live in, we are always too concerned about targets and accomplishments. In the process we have all turned too mechanical and boxed. It’s time we think and lament. Happy New Year

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  7. Lovely post. You caught my attention because my favorite color is yellow and it seems to be uncommon. For the record, I set annual goals that are aligned with my vision of who I am. I review my progress monthly and set my daily/weekly schedule accordingly. I reassess all goals quarterly. As a result, I normally attaint about an 80-90% success rate. Wishing you all the best for 2019.

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  8. I remember when I was around your age I made a resolution to stop following the wrong people. I stuck with it and it changed my life.

    Sometimes the smallest of change can turn your life around.

    Happy Late New Year!!!

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