What You’re Looking For

Here’s the thing. There’s a few things I have learned so far in my 21 years of life and some of them have been real hard to come to terms with. Some of them obviously being that you don’t always get what you want, Santa and the Easter Bunny aren’t real, that Justin Bieber is probably never going to love me, and lastly and most importantly was that there is nothing wrong with me. Yeah yeah I know it’s cheesy and it’s redundant but it’s true. There is nothing wrong with you or me and there nothing for us to be so upset at ourselves for.

You have to believe that you are capable of something or nothing you do is going to matter. You will not undo the feeling that you are not enough by trying to impress people or prove them wrong. If you have the mindset that you aren’t good enough or smart enough, etc. there is no amount of success or people to prove wrong that will take away that feeling if you don’t believe it yourself. Changing the way you think about yourself and what your capable of in life of has a crazy way of changing it. You can work hard and try to be better but doing all of that is not going to prove that you are worth your space in the world. You are the only one who gets to decide that. You will only take up as much space as you let yourself. If you spend your time feeling like a burden or feeling like you’re not capable of doing something big because you think that space is meant for someone else then that’s your decision. You will put yourself into a small box that gets kicked and shoved to the side. You decide how much space you take up, you decide how much your voice is worth and what you want to say with it. You will not be heard screaming from the inside of a small box. It isn’t up to the opinions or the thoughts of anyone else except you, only you. You will not be enough if all you are looking for is to be enough. If “enough” is what you are looking for you will never find it. All it is, is you comparing yourself to others, a battle no one can ever win.

You don’t need a ton of friends, a perfect family or have your life figured out to have something going for you. If you’re looking at those as a measure of worth then you’re looking in the wrong places. Your measure of worth comes from your mindset, your goals and your strength. It comes from having a positive heart when the world feels negative, from not letting people walk all over you when they have an opinion different than yours, not letting people with bad attitudes rain on your entire day, letting people say their opinions even when they’re different from yours, and not letting closed minded people affect you when they try to shut you down. Let those people live the life that their attitudes give them.

Today is a whole new day and you have the opportunity to turn it around just by deciding to do something, ANYTHING different than you have been doing before. You’d be surprised by how quickly all the small changes come together. You have to trust that something better is coming and it will. Trust your ideas, take a chance and if it doesn’t make you crazy for it then say no and try something else. The only waste of time would be to stay in that small box you put yourself in. The only thing that would be wrong would be to say no to the thing that you know would make a difference in your life. You can find as much light as you have found darkness if let yourself have enough power to find it.

Thanks for reading☀️☀️☀️

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24 thoughts on “What You’re Looking For

  1. Nice to have learnt that so early on in life. Took me A LOT longer… But then I’d taken quite a few blows to the head… so cognitively there is likely something vital missing.

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  2. “You have to trust that something better is coming and it will.” i really enjoyed this post. i find it odd at times, how often what you need, shows up, in this case, the words in this post. thank you.

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  3. This post changed my day. I recently started a website of my own, where I post about mental illness and try to sell my paintings, which are not fine art but are inspired by my life, and I am proud of them. I posted on reddit a few days ago and someone called my painting “useless crap.” Ouch. But not ouch. I built something I’m proud of, I’m doing something that makes me happy, and no amount of trolling in the world can define the worth of my life and efforts. I am the one who says what I am worth. There is not a single thing about my life that is “useless crap.” Thank you for the inspiration. It got me back into the mindset that gets s#!t done.

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    1. Aw i am so glad my post could help you. definitely dont give up or let those comments get to your head. you can’t be everyones cup of tea but im sure there are many many people who love your art. keep it up ❤ ❤


  4. Wow well written. I am going to pass this on to my 23 year old daughter with Special Needs. She just started a new job 7 days ago, and she feels nothing she does is right for the boss. It is really hard to find anyone say ” Yes You can do this Job” and I want You on my team. Special Needs People are able to do a job too. It may just need us so called “Normal People” to give them the extra help and understanding that they are perhpas a little slower at things.
    At this point I am not sure how long this boss will keep her as the words are already
    “You are not keeping up with the regular staff” I feel like telling the boss” You had to learn all this too at one time” and one week into the job is still a learning period.
    So keeping my fingers crossed and my daughter really likes this job. It gives her “A Purpose in Life”

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  5. This is beautiful – such inspiring words. Thank you for writing such an honest article – we are 3 girls currently in our 20s working out how and why (?!) there is such a pressure to have our lives all worked out.. Would love to quote this 💞”You will not be enough if all you are looking for is to be enough” – Ebony


  6. Such an inspiring read – thank you for sharing such an honest article! We are 3 girls in our 20s trying to understand why and how (?!) there is such expectation to have our lives all worked out…Would love to share this 💞”You will not be enough if all you are looking for is to be enough” – so true!


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