What does a plant need to grow? It needs an environment that it can thrive in and to be taken care of, right? If the plant starts to outgrow the environment, you put it in a place that is better fit. If we forget to water it for some time it might start to suffer, but we can catch it before it’s too late. It won’t happen overnight but with some care the plant can thrive again.

I get it, change is difficult and scary and I get that you feel like the timing for it is never quiiiite right. There’s a huge risk with any change you make, the uncertainty of the outcome can be terrifying. I get that having a routine and knowing the outcome of each action you make makes you feel safe. There will be pros and cons both for making a change and staying the same. I get all of that, but you need to push it to the side.

     You have to tell that part of you that it’s wrong, that’s the part of you that is holding you back and putting limits on your thoughts. The excuses that you make for being afraid are not who you are, and the reasons that you think you have that you might be so sure are true, could be wrong.
     This could be perfect timing, this could be where you are meant to be right now, to finally make a change that you have been so scared to make. Whatever it is that has happened in the past that has made you feel down or stuck or put you in a place that you felt you couldn’t get out of, look where it has brought you. You made it out of that place and you’re here now. You have grown from those experiences. There will be many more times in your life that you feel stuck and scared, but you’ll make it out of those places and grow from them too. Sure, maybe this isn’t the time of your life right now, you might have things to work on and be down on yourself sometimes, and maybe that embarrasses you. But humans are so so resilient it’s incredible, you can get through whatever darkness might still be in your life and you can become anything you want to be. Tell the part of you that thinks that because you might not be doing your best that you can’t do something to help yourself grow, to shut up.
     Set goals for yourself, and when you reach those goals, set new ones. When it takes you a little bit longer to reach one goal, push yourself harder instead of knocking yourself down. I believe that what’s meant to be will find its way, but you can’t expect the universe to do it for you. Put it in your head that you’re only going to accomplish as much as you believe you’re capable of. Believe you’re capable of nothing, and you won’t get anything. Believe you can do anything, and you will. Not because of any magic that will give it to you, but because how you think controls how you act, and your actions determine who you are and what you do. Focus on fixing the way that you think and everything else will shift with it.
     If you’re in an environment that is physically preventing you from thriving, then you need a new surrounding. It’s important to put yourself in a place with people who will motivate you to do something better and push you further. You might not have friends or family that are supportive, but that doesn’t have to be an excuse for how your life turns out. You are not your surroundings and you are not your thoughts, you are what you put out there. If you do have friends and family who are supportive, then more power to you, use that. Just like the plant, sometimes a change in your environment is what you need to grow. Anything that isn’t adding to your life, is taking from it, don’t be afraid to get rid of some things to make room for something better.
It’s definitely a journey and a commitment, but the best things in life come from places that were the hardest.

You can do it,
Thanks for reading ☀️☀️


37 thoughts on “Growth

  1. “But humans are so so resilient it’s incredible, you can get through whatever darkness might still be in your life and you can become anything you want to be.” I think this statement is so true. We can make ourselves get through a lot of stuff, way more than we thought we could. Thanks for your thoughts!

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  2. This was a FANTASTIC, true and uplifting! I thought this was brilliant! I also wanted to thank you for liking my post “Running on Empty”. Your support means so much to me and I hope you will like even more posts! You might already be following, I am still learning ins and outs of WordPress and sometimes get a little lost knowing who is following already! I hope you have a wonderful evening!

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  3. ”Believe you’re capable of nothing, and you won’t get anything. Believe you can do anything, and you will.”
    I agree 100%. I think our brain has a power of creating things that we think of. Great entry.

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