Free From Fear

I have realized lately that fear has occupied so much of my life for so long and in many ways I didn’t even realize it. I’ve always been so hesitant to change anything in my life or to start anything new even if it was something I really wanted to do because I would always be scared that I would fail or I would care too much about what other people would think. There are a million excuses I could make for any situation. Whether it was speaking up for myself, quitting my job, walking away from a toxic situation, starting something new or anything that involved going out of my comfort zone, I made an excuse for it. Even this blog, this was a huge step out of my comfort zone, and I still get nervous and judge myself as I write. It’s not something I have even come close to mastering yet, but I am trying acknowledge when I’m making an excuse for things that scare me and realize that there probably no harm in doing any of those things. In fact, doing something and realizing that it isn’t for me or realizing that my decisions were wrong is a lot better than continuing to be scared and wondering what would happen if I did them.

I’m not saying don’t ever be scared, that wouldn’t make us human. But letting your fears drive you and make or prevent your decisions is disabling you from being whatever it is you want to be. You’re meant to be great, don’t let something such as fear hold you back. Being scared makes you stressed and overwhelmed and you probably feel like you’re the only one feeling that way, and you’re not. It’s not easy, and like I said it’s not something I have mastered by any means, but it is something I think is worth working towards.
No one is judging you as much as you think they are and no one is going to stop you from doing whatever it is you want to do. And also- if anyone is going to try to judge you for doing something that you enjoy then it says a lot more about them than it does about what you’re doing. You don’t need validation from anyone, you don’t need to impress anyone other than yourself, and don’t apologize for doing it. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed or scared for taking a step towards getting what you want. Take a chance, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

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99 thoughts on “Free From Fear

  1. I love this! Like you, I am a fearful person; I am scared of everyone and everything and am learning to manage my anxiety and I relate to being self conscious about my writings; its like now they can see my inner thoughts and are judging me and laughing ( sounds crazy when you actually see it written down) But you cannot let fear consume you, you have to face your fears. Again thanks for the post.

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  2. Great post! I have also struggled with fear of starting so many things. I leave a lot of things unfinished almost like I feel that if I don’t finish it I can’t be judged. Moving beyond fear of judgement is something I’m slowly learning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  4. I’ve spent most of my life being afraid and avoiding the pursuit of my dreams and wants because of anxiety. BUT I think I’ve made some nice strides over the last few years, especially last year! I got tattoos, I left jobs, I started writing again (and letting strangers read it), and started volunteering and standing up for what I believe in! I still have a LOOOONG way to go but it feels awesome to make some progress!

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  5. I know this feeling. It becomes part of your DNA. Came out of a couselling session earlier in the week finally feeling like I was on top. Thriving not surviving. Then the next day had a car crash. That feeling of fear I know to well cam straight back. But I stood up to it. Been controlled for too long and worked to hard to let it get back at me. Thanks for the blog. Makes me fight all the harder 🙂

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  6. Very nice to read, love the openheartedness. Your piece reminded me of a story I´ve heard one day. To put it short: a man was running through a street, scared of the gorilla that followed him. Someone on the pavement saw this and shouted: ¨Face the gorilla!¨ The man took this advice to heart, turned around and saw the gorilla coming to rest. The gorilla only wanted to play a bit.

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  7. I really needed to hear this! I often don’t do things as I’m afraid of what others think, but this is the year that has to change! Such a motivational and inspirational post! Thank you for sharing!


  8. Your statement ‘you were meant to be great’ is so simple and so true. If we let our fear of being judged stop us then we will never attempt anything, especially if it shows us as vulnerable. And really, everyone is so worried about being judged, they probably don’t have a lot of time to judge others. Thanks for posting.

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  9. That’s something we need to fight back forever. It’s not about winning the battle. Is about not losing now. Like these mosquitoes trying to bite my leg under the desk. Great post


  10. Thats right. Also, it’s not actually us that judges, but the masks we think we are. Life is made of the same stuff nighttime dreams are. Never Give Up. It takes retraining your mind from fear to love. Most all of us get brainwashed.

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  11. Very well said, especially “doing something and realizing that it isn’t for me or realizing that my decisions were wrong is a lot better than continuing to be scared and wondering what would happen if I did them.”
    Even if they were “wrong”, you are that much closer to what is “right”. Thomas Edison is a perfect example of that in practice. Also, you may find a book by Susan Jeffers helpful. Title: “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. Published in 1987 but still relevant.

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  12. yes! it amazes me how i sit there and think i am the only one who thinks, feels, or does certain things and the truth is that i couldn’t be more wrong. even though we all are very different, we all are very much alike!


  13. Great post, very inspirational! I too let fear hinder my progression for the same reasons. I guess, for me, it was mostly about caring what other people would think. But, I worked at it and now I am a better person for it. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep up the good work!


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