As cliche as it sounds…

It does get better.
Since for whatever reason death has been so prevalent in my life recently, i’m gonna tell you guys something that happened to me in high school, but to protect this old friend of mines privacy I wont go into details and keep the story short and sweet.

I had a friend some years ago that was very depressed, she talked to me about it from time to time and always said that my best friend and I saved her. I don’t think we ever really put too much thought into it, we knew that we helped her through a lot but that’s what friends do right?
So fast forward to one night she texted me when she was having a really bad night, and to spare the details, I was able to literally talk her out of committing suicide that night. And i’m not telling this story to give myself a pat on the back, i’m telling it because I never really understood how much her depression affected her, or at least the extent of it, until that incident. I can’t imagine the guilt I would have felt if my friend followed through with that decision and didn’t text me for help that night.
We stayed close for a while but eventually we lost contact, she had other friends so I was happy for her. We didn’t graduate together but from time to time I see her on social media and she looks genuinely happy. Before I wrote this I actually reached out to her just to check up on her and shes doing amazing. It warms my heart to know that she has come so far.
But the message I want to say about all of this is that you never know what someone is going through, and the smallest thing could push someone over the edge (literally). I wouldn’t say i’m always the nicest person, because really as much as id like to say i am, i’m not. But I do have a heart for everyone when they need someone and there’s no better feeling than seeing the light in someone’s eyes that used to only see darkness. Everyone deserves to want to be alive, there is so much more to see and accomplish than any of us have seen or done so far. There is always someone that cares, and there is always going to be light at the end. I hope everyone knows they can email me or message me on social media if you need to talk. This is just something that has been on my mind tonight but if this post motivates even one person to keep going, then i’m happy.
Thanks for reading ☀☀

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

10 thoughts on “As cliche as it sounds…

  1. This was such an amazing post! Everyone needs someone like you in their lives, that I know to be true. So many people’s lives would just be so much better because it’s so difficult to find someone as caring as you seem to be.

    I’m really glad that your friend didn’t go through with her suicide and that you were able to talk her out of it, that’s honestly huge for both of you.

    “Everyone deserves to WANT to be alive.” I love the way you said that. There’s a difference between being a live because, well, we’re just alive because we’re breathing, and genuinely wanting to be alive.

    I’m reading this and I’m like “Where were people like her when I was younger?!” Haha. You seem like you’d make an amazing friend and like someone who genuinely likes seeing people happy even if you don’t necessarily know them.

    Thanks for sharing another wonderful post. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! That actually means a ton to me. I really do like to see people happy and im so sorry you didn’t have anyone when you were younger, but you can definitely always come to me now if you need to talk. This comment made my day so thank you again!

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