Here we go

Hey everyone ☀
Wow go me I finally started my first blog, exciting I know I know.

I’ll start with saying that I really don’t have any idea what i’m doing here, so I can’t tell you exactly what to expect from my blog. I do have a few things that I plan on sharing with whoever decides to stumble along, but here I am writing my first post with no idea how to start this. What I can say that I have been wanting to start this for a while and I plan to keep up with it so I guess we’ll figure it out together.

For my first post I suppose I can share how I came up with this “defining yellow” name, because no it was not the first thing I typed into this website. We all know that yellow is the color of happiness, and although this is going to be a positive thing, I know it’s hard to be happy ALL the time because sometimes life just seems to be really pushing our buttons. Something is just ALWAYS there to keep us complaining. However I really believe that there is always more to be happy about. We define happiness in a million different ways and change our opinions on what make us happy allll the time, so from here until whenever this blog ends I will be focusing on the things in life that make me happy, even when life tries really hard to make me feel otherwise, my “yellow”.

Thanks for reading! Here we go ☀


14 thoughts on “Here we go

  1. Yellow is happy! I had a friend tell me when I painted my kitchen yellow that statistically most arguments happen in yellow rooms. And ‘angry’ color. 🤔 But so far, so good lol.

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    1. lol that’s interesting I never thought of it to be an angry color. I hope you have experienced more happy than anger in your yellow kitchen! 😂 I love that that’s the color you decided to paint it also lol


      1. Me neither! I was like 😲! At the time, I had four different shades of yellow in the house, lololll. Because it IS happy.


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